About uc48

uc48 design is the design practice of Tim Harbour who designs mostly websites plus other bits and bobs from his “micro studio” in Hebden Bridge in the wilds of the North of England.

I started uc48 design back in 2001 after a while working freelance for some of the big agencies in London. I moved back to the beautiful North and I've been designing and building things for a select bunch of lovely people in various industries ever since.

About me

Hi there, I’m Tim. I’ve been designing various nice web things for over 10 years. One of my long-standing clients once said that I’m a “Pleasingly Hardcore” designer and I think that sounds about right.

My approach to interactive design is rooted in a focus on the people who will use the site, research, craft, honesty & critical thought, and the idea that less is usually more.

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I'd love to talk with you about your upcoming projects. If you like what I do and think we'll do some good work together, just drop me a note.